Silk Floss Tree

Chorisia speciosa:
Here is an interesting Tree. Our local garden center sells these. I have not yet had the courage to get one, but the more I look it the more I am changing my mind. We'll wait till fall comes and their 70% off sale. These trees get quite large.
Great for Bonsai if seed raised

Gorgeous ornamental tree producing profuse amounts of large pink, purple, or red flowers followed by inedible fruits. The fruits split open when mature, releasing masses of white silky material.

Fast growing tree to 30-60ft tall. The floss silk tree is fairly hardy and will survive freezes. It grows very well in both tropical and subtropical climates, and is a popular street tree, due to its beautiful blooms. The trunk is also unique, containing numerous prominent spines. Leaves drop during flowering time. Grow in well drained soil. Trees do not need a lot of water, particularly during flowering.

Propagation: Propagation is usually by seed, or grafting.

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