The Thailand Parrot Flower

Stumbled upon during research:
Impatiens psittacina Hook.f.
The Thailand Parrot Flower
Dork Nok Khaew
Flower Bird Parrot

These delicate parrot flowers simply hang there. Whichever angle you look at them from you’d still see pink parrots. They’re a rare phenomenon.

A balsam, Impatiens psittacina is a very rare impatiens species first discovered in 1899 by British officer A.H. Hildebrand in Shan States of upper Burma and identified to the botanical world in 1901 by botanist E.D. Hooker.
This plant raises only in a small part of north Thailand (near Chiang Mai), Burma, and one territory of eastern India. The species can be found in several botanical reference books including Plants of India.
Hooker originally stumbled upon the plant in India and brought back the seed to the Royal Botanic Garden Kew in London. Those seeds did not reproduce after the first year.

The parrot flower is one of nature's most beautiful creations. A rare plant and a protected species. The Thai government has elected to ban the export of seeds or plants because they are extremely rare. Punishment is severe for those who break this law.

Note: I have been seeing some questionable sellers from China offering these seeds. I am not sure what type if seeds they are selling (probably carrots), but they are definitely not Parrot Flower seeds!! 
It angers me that fraud china sellers are duping people into buying rainbow roses, black rose and some other non existing junk. Don't get duped! Do your research!

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fer said...

a very beautiful parrot!
When i glanced at the photo on the reader I really thought it was a bird. Funny how nature paths coincide sometimes.

Garden Medusa said...

Isn't it amazing?!! So pretty , it's illegal!
Thanks, I appreciate the comment

fer said...

Very! I would like to see it in person some time. I wonder how big the flowers are

jadesga1 said...
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