Mystery Ginger- Happy Mothers Day!

It's not a tropical secret that I love tropical plants :) Most in our garden are grown from seeds or traded with other gardeners worldwide, so usually we start small before we go big time.
Today my Husband bought me a HUGE Ginger Plant with about 6 huge rhizomes and a bloom. We discovered it while browsing through our most favorite Garden Center!!!
We don't know what kind it is yet, but we know it's HUGE. We think it's Kalihi Ginger

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you my babe!! It means especially much because my son was born on on a tropical island, which lead me to my liking of...tropical plants.

If you know a proper name of this ginger, please leave message on the post. Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Claudia
Enjoyed the pictures. I oohed and ahhed. The angel's trumpets were among the favored. Didn't know the plant was so poisonous. Learned a bit about other too. thanks