Hymenocallis White Spider Lily

Hymenocallis caroliniana is a native plant in the Amaryllis family. It's whispy, icy white flowers are really unusual, and they’re bound to bring traffic to a dead stop along the front of any light sun to full shade border. Average to moist soil is preferred.
The one on the right is named "Tropical Giant"
Hymenocallis means "beautiful membrane" which refers to the corona that connects the stalks of the stamens for a portion of their length. Commonly known as the “Spider Lily” the 8”- 12”, attractive, almost succulent foliage, holds up well all the growing season. Flowering commences in mid to late Summer. Native from the Southeast to the midwest, I predict that it is at least zone 5 hardy if not zone 4.

Somewhat easy to grow from seed, but it takes 3 - 5 years to reach flowering size. I recommend propagation from division as it takes only a year or two to flower and some plants set several new bulbs every year.

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I Love this flower, where can I order a few bulbs? Thanks
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