Frangipani Vine

As if a Plumeria alone wasn't breath taking enouch, check out the Plumeria VINE! Impossible to find for purchase, seed or plant. But my watchful tropical eye will be scanning all areas.

This large-leafed, coarse vine sports large clusters of white blooms with a subtle fragrance, best in full sun and acid soil. Large shiny leaves, prominent veins, superb white flowers similar to Frangipani, yellow and propellor shaped, delicous rich scent. Flowers a pure white with yellow center. Use it on larger structures (trellises), or allow it to ramble over tall trees. This is a stunning vine, flowering profusely from May - July; one of the powerful lianas of the Indian and Malayan forests, climbing to the tops of the tallest trees. This plant goes dormant in subtropical climate and usually loses leaves if temperature gets below 60F, but it is somewhat cold tolerant (30-40F) and can survive mild frost for a short period.

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