Deppea Splendens

How would you want one of those? Just window shopping here, as this plant is nowhere to be found for less than $100 :) And I am not willing to spend that much on a plant that might not even survive the trip. Let me know if you ever have a good Mexico source!

One of the rarest plants in cultivation. A member of the coffee family, Deppea splendens has beautiful flowers that make it a very desirable plant to have in your garden. Hanging from impossibly thin, wiry flower stems are clusters of long tubular yellow flowers that emerge from red sepels. Blooms in late Summer & Fall. The plant itself has crisp green foliage that is somewhat textured & tropical looking. The plant gets to be around 6-8’ tall and 4-5’ wide, although it reached much taller proportions in its native habitat. Needs some shade and frost protection. These are clones from the population at the San Francisco Botanical Gardens.

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Uluwehi said...

The sad reality is that Deppea splendens no longer has a habitat, so no Mexico source! It has been extinct in the wild for over a decade.

Here is an informational link:

Anonymous said...

I bought one Deppea Splendens in a gal pot for $12.00 at the 2009 SF Botanical sale.. it survived a change in habitat and a colder winter and is bouncing back nicely. I looked at the sale yesterday and didn't find any.. however I scored a Passiflora Parritae:)