With love, from aunt Brugmansia

It comes from north western South America and it's one of the nightshade family, so be careful, these are poisonous plants.

Iochroma cyaneum has big quite felty leaves. It grows to about 3 to 4 metres and needs a sunny, warm position. Frost would be its big enemy, they really hate that winter cold.
Grow it in a protected position where it will get some reflected heat from a wall. Prune right down to ground level in Autumn or after flowering. It starts flowering again in December and flowers all the way through until late summer. It needs some summer moisture, but not a lot. Use it at the back of a shrub border to add some height, and then plant other things in front of it. This is a plant that usually grows in south eastern Australia, but grows anywhere, as long as it's not too cold.

This plant sends out strong suckers so if you live in the warmer, wetter areas where it could get away, keep it in a pot.

Stunning, rare, accepts my climate. I am yet..... on the hunt again.

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