Bomarea - a weed in some countries

I've received my seeds from tradewinds!
At first I was growling at the label "
germination can take up to 3-9 months" ugh, but what do you know, 2 of the seeds in the package were already sprouting and rooting. They are freshly potted up - so more to come on that... when more comes.
This rare gem is considered a weed in New Zealand, hard to believe. That must be the reason so many people want to move there, it's got to be breathtaking.

A brief description:

  • A vine-like herbaceous perennial with tuberous roots. Bomarea will grow along the ground and up on a trellis. Grows well in warm climates as well as cooler, foggy areas. Hardy to the mid 20's.
  • Stems - Can be both twisted and scrambling along the ground, as well as climbing. Vines grow to 10-30ft.
  • Leaves - Elongate and pointed at the ends. Pale green in colour.
  • Flowers - Huge flowered, scarlet colored Bomarea. Trumpet-shaped, produced in clusters of 15-20, hanging down. Spring is the main flowering time, but flowers can be seen at other times of the year.
  • Fruit - A capsule that splits open to reveal bright orange/red fleshy seeds.

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