Preskia - Rose Cactus

Several weeks ago, I've finally received the seeds. My 16 year old carefully planted them and did everything to guarantee success. So he soaked 12 peat moss pellets in hot water, carefully put 2 seeds in each pellet, covered it and put it up on a warm place .
A couple of days ago there was the first sprout, success! It's already about 1 cm tall! See pic.

Pereskia grandiflora is considered to be the original cactus, the ancestor as it were of all other cacti. Strangely enough, the plant looks nothing like a cactus. In fact it does not even resemble a succulent, but rather a wild rose. It is one of the few varieties of cacti to have leaves.

Pereskia grandiflora produces delightful pink flowers that bloom in clusters. A plant 30 to 35 cm high (17 cm pot) will bear two or three clusters of flowers, a plant 50 to 70 cm high (25 cm pot) three to four clusters. The plant is also characterized by large, pale green, privet-like leaves and a long, thorny stem. It is sometimes called 'Rose Cactus'.

Fast grower
The plant can be kept indoors or on the patio if the temperature is no lower than 12°C. It tolerates sun and (semi) shade. Only the very hot noonday sun should be avoided. Contrary to other cacti, it does need regular watering. However, please ensure that no water is left standing in the pot. Underwatering will cause the plant to shed its leaves. In spring and summer weekly feeding will contribute to (speedy) growth. In winter the plant loses all its leaves and the rootball must be kept dry although it must not be allowed to dry out completely. With proper care the plant can flower from spring to winter.

Update: This seedling died after developing 4 nice leaves. Not sure what happend, it was happy in my window sil till it shriveled up into nothing - RIP

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