Nice! Blue Butterfly Vine

I have a new fascination with Vines patriculary red, black and blues.

Technically a tropical plant, the Blue Butterfly vine also easily grown annuals in more northern areas and will quickly bloom from seed in about 6-8 weeks

Produces a wonderful display of 2 inch vivid blue flowers from mid to late summer. Prefers full sun to light shade, are very drought tolerant and are well-adapted to a variety of soil types.

These will bloom all year long in frost free zones or inside as an exotic vining houseplant.

Ideal for covering trellis in a sheltered part of the garden, as a perennial in a conservatory or as a hanging plant, attracting many bees and butterflies.

Climber to 6-8ft. Zone 8+

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Hannah PNW said...

Ooo, lovely. I tried to grow these in my indoor aquaponics system but they eventually declined without blooming. I will have to try them outdoors, maybe they need more sun. I grew up in Houston, I forget how tropical it is, though I remember walking to school in those freezing "Northers". So many lovely tropical plants.