Aussie Waratah Telopea speciosissima

The seeds I just purchased will be my second batch. Waratah seeds are incredibly easy to germinate, with a 100% germination rate, however I had a problem with the seedlings damping off last time. No seedling survivors. 

Now that I've learned a bit more about the Waratah seedlings need a slow climate adjustments, I am giving this another try.  - I demand success!!! ;)

This got to be one the most beautiful flowering shrubs I've ever seen! 


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MyGardenSchool said...

Enjoying your blog! And great pics. We'd love to see you pop by at


1st Man said...

wow, that is one pretty flower! It almost looks like something from a sci fi movie, ha. Love it. I love that you grow all these, the pics are beautiful.

Garden Medusa said...

Thanks much for your comments. When I was them first they reminded me on a candy apple. Awesome blog you have 1st Man (LOVE the name)