Nelumbo lutea American Lotus

Rediscovered uses for the water lily. Even if you don't have room for a pond, there IS room for a Pond

Lily Pond in a Vase! What an awesome concept for growing and display Water lilies in clear vases!

Nelumbo lutea (American Lotus) is and emergent aquatic plant with large 
 circular leaves. Leaves are connected to the petiole in the center of the circle with no apparent slits in the side (an easy way to distinguish them from other water lilies).

Flowers are born off the top and have numerous stamen around a central pistil. Flowers last for two days in which time they can be pollinated by insects. This species is almost extinct in the wild.

All parts of the Lotus has food and or medicinal properties and make a great gift!

Seeds are available here and are very easy to germinate. 

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Evelyn said...

I so agree, there is always room for a water garden :-)
Lotus is one of my most favorite plants.

Happy Gardening,

Elspeth said...

love this photo!


Garden Medusa said...

This is a Nymphaea Caerulea