Oh Pumpkin Tree, Oh Pumpkin Tree....

Wow, pumpkins on a stick!
A most unusual and rare plant in the Eggplant family. It is usually grown through out mountainous areas of Asia.
This pumpkin is edible but like many eggplants, it has a somewhat bitter taste that is common in some Asian dishes.

Incredible showy ornamental garden plant with pretty purple to white flowers, deep purple stems and branches, and very large, peculiar shaped leaves. A beautiful plant to show off to your neighbors or to try out in a hot, spicy Thai recipe. The hot Thai spices blend well with this type of eggplant.

Synonyms: Solanum integrifolium is sometimes listed as Solanun aethiopicum.
Hardiness Zone: USDA Zones 9-11
Size: 3 ft.
Stem/Bud: Stems are erect and covered with spines and hairs.
Leaves: Leaves are alternate, ovate, 10 in. long, serrated and prickly along top midribs.
Flower: Flowers are purple/white and 3/4 in. wide.
Fruit: Fruit are red or yellow, globose, 1-2 in wide, ribbed.
Uses: Use dried fruit in arrangements or for decorations. Dried fruits resemble small, flatten, globose, orange mini pumpkins.
Culture: Grow in full sun in average, well-drained soil.

Stunning flower bed specimen that dries nicely and the branches with fruits make stunning additions to any flower arrangements.

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