Stictocardia beraviensis Hawaiian Sunset

What a stunning vine! Off and shopping I go. Will update shortly with info about this gorgeous super rare collector vine....

Update. Got seeds! I had to choose between 1 French, 1 German, 2 African and 2 American suppliers, that's it. Ended up buying home based.

This evergreen climber with absolutely gorgeous blooms and lush big leaves is grown all over the Tropics and some subtropical areas. It is related to the Morning Glory with fast growing thick stems and fleshy heart shaped leaves. Cup shaped flowers emerge at the leaf axils in clusters and are 2-3"across, bright crimson with yellow and orange streaking. They are scented and seem to last a day or two. Leaves are large, growing in shade up to 10-12" wide, dark green and velvet, very ornamental even when not in bloom. 

The plant likes lots of water, especially if grown in full sun. As with any blooming plants, the rule is - the more sun, the more flowers. However, this plant can be planted in shade probably with advantage: it will still continue blooming profusely, but the leaves will grow much larger, that will create a gorgeous tropical look. 

If planted in ground, this plant requires significant space due to its fast growing habit. However, it can be easily grown in container as well. You may trim any unwanted twigs which won't hurt the plants appearance and will encourage new blooms in leaf axils. .......
Edit. US Source: Seeds yay!

Photos Credit: Forest & Kim Starr

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Aaerelon said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

dr.araman said...

A lovely picture and good tips on growing this beautiful plant.
Very thoughtful of you to include the source for the seeds.
I have a terrace garden and would like to try this as a pot plant.
Thanks for sharing.

MsBatt said...

I'd love more info on how you germinated your seeds. I have a few that I'd like to try.

Garden Medusa said...

Hello, and thank you for your comments.

The seed germination procedure is similar to those on morning glories (Ipomoea). Scarifying, soaking and planting as usual. Hope this helped :)

Dorothy said...

What do the sunset vine seeds look like? Someone gave me some seeds and said it was Hawaiian Vine seeds.just wondering.

Rntr said...

Stictocardia beraviensis Hawaiian Sunset Do you have seeds? Thanks