The Phenomena of Goth Gardening

Recently I have reconnected with a person from my past. The experience was associated with sweet and bitter memories and she unknowingly pointed out a rather unusual form of gardening. 

The Goth Garden. 

I see many people asking about about Goth or EMO gardening all over the web and I never knew what it meant, thought it was depressing nonsense.

Black flowers? That seems strange to me, because how would a bee or a butterfly be attracted enough wanting to pollinate. 
I am beginning to think that it's probably not any less strange than my desire to find the diamond in the rough, the best of the best, the most

unusual, the most challenging and eventually the ultimate (?).

There must be some happiness in black flower gardening. .....I am still researching this phenomena.

In the meantime, here are some very beautiful and dramatic black or near black flowers :)

Here is a good US source for black (almost black) flowering seeds
They have kits and many many individual species as well, even black vegetables!  - How cool!

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Anonymous said...

Is this a racial statement?

Garden Medusa said...

No, please read the whole post. Whats your native language? Let me see if I can help to translate it :)

Aaerelon said...

LOL Anonymous. I think you're joking but not sure. I find oddly coloured flowers really interesting as well. Take a look at the black jade vine or normal jade vine for 'sea foam' flowers.

cnnjoanne said...

I think Anonymous is a troll. Shameful, if you think what of a nice diverse view from all over the world this nice lady brought to to the blogs.

Vansmoth said...

That post was definitely about the science of unusual looking botany and the question of who are the pollinators of black flowers and what insect are attracted to them. Anonymous is a trouble maker. He has no answers