A Tree Lily

I often wonder what makes some people look so hard for other life forms on other planets. There is so much here. Have they seen it all already?

And when I thought there was no other possible surprise, here we go again. Looks almost like a very rare Angel Trumpet, but is not anything like it. Not even close..........

"This is a Portlandia relative native to the Dominican Republic. It has pendulous, bell-shaped, cream-colored, flower, unusual and rare in the United States. It is a delightful shrub and would be a wonderful addition to any garden."


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a garden chick from India said...

I love your blog. Thanks for the botanic "trip" into the unknown with this wonderful collaboration.

Wife and Mom said...

Thanks much for your comment - it's the greatest hobby in the world!

Uluwehi said...

This is a truly special plant, definitely worth growing. It isn't too cold hardy so it would need to be brought indoors in the winter in TX.

If you can't find a source I may be able to help you get a seedling. I have germinated hundreds in the past few years and donated them to local botanic gardens/arboreta for their plant sales.

They are grown in a number of south FL gardens. The seed pods have a very long gestation period, however fresh seed is quite easy to germinate but it must be fresh and sown rather promptly.


Jacob Uluwehi Knecht
Honolulu, Hawai'i

Anonymous said...

wow i would love to buy a cutting or rooted or even a seed or a stick,, this is soooo stunning, its something I only can drool nad dream about,, wow would love to pay you to get one,, blessings, beth you are so blessed by the beauty of one brug and soo many gorgeous exotics,, thank you so much for posting and sharing the beauty in your world,, Beth :)