Queen of Flowering Trees - Amherstia

Another Stunner!This one however I just want to point out. I don't think I'll ever have enough room to grow this one too but will post any place that has them available.

Amherstia (Amherstia nobilis) also known as orchid tree or queen of flowering trees is a rare fauna in Indian forests. It is also found in countries like Burma, where it is known as pride of Burma. The flowers are red, bright and attractive

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Anonymous said...

would it be hardy in my zone 8-9 California? Do you know a supplier? Dawn ,

Uluwehi said...

Hi Anonymous,

From a person who loves to push the climate limits with plants such as myself, I must sadly inform you that Amherstia nobilis is most unforgiving of any temperatures below 55°F. Even folks in Miami have spotty 'success' with treasure.

Sorry to be a killjoy..

Jacob Uluwehi Knecht
Honolulu, Hawai'i