Plumeria Puu Kahea

This weekend I managed to get my hands on a Plumeria Puu Kahea. This specimen is very hard to come by and runs in the online stores for $35 plus for an un-rooted cutting. The danger of it not rooting was to great for me therefore spending that much was not an option.
At the traders village was a nice gentleman that spends his retirement raising and rooting Plumeria. He had a nice assortment of rare named Plumeria and he offered a fully rooted 16 inch Puu Kahea plant for just $10!
Was it really the right stuff? Yes it was. He was armored with a catalogue and a bowl of fresh flowers of each variety. Each plant was nicely labeled with cutting date and name. And of all, he wore this huge 2 inch golden Plumeria around his neck.

And I found a huge fresh dragon fruit (Pitaya) as well.

That's my success story for today :)

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