Ahhh! It's a Rangoon Creeper

On the weekly trip to our local garden center, we've came across this show stopper. Huge clusters of flowers hanging on 3-5 inches long threads in abundance down a fence. After long research with just a picture on hand, I've found the beauty's name. Rangoon Creeper or Quisqualis indica.
These intoxicating scented flowers open in the morning a pure white. As the day goes on, they turn first pink and then darker and darker until they are a brilliant crimson. Butterflies and Hummingbirds love it.

And yes, I got one to try!
As this is a zone 10 hardy plant, I can only try my luck!

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NickSugarland said...

Great pictures, I like your page. I'm also a gardener - in Sugar land Texas. ;)Nick

sjp8987 said...

I found this post searching for rangoon creeper seeds on google. If you get seeds and need somewhere to send them! You can contact me through my blog and find me!

Haha i do love the picture you took of it - it is so beautiful!