Dwarf Evergreen Plumeria Frangipani pudica "Bridal Bouquet"

Absolutely beautiful and rare Flower, native of Panama, Colombia and Venezuela, blooms in bouquets of white flowers usually in Texas, Florida and the Bahamas. Easy to grow, and blooms heavily for a long time. 
The Plumeria Pudica usually has one or two slender trunks that branch close to the ground forming a dense slightly spreading crown. The signature leaves have a short petiole and are fiddle-shaped due to a pair of lobes above the middle. The flowers are strikingly pure white, with a yellow throat.

Advantages of this beautiful plant are its heavy foliage cover, extensive evergreen phase and long blooming period. It is easier to grow indoors than other Plumeria and doesn't have any significant pest or disease problems (resistant to spider mites)

Well suited for full sun.  Deciduous under extended drought conditions or during a particularly cold winter. Properly placed, mature trees usually need no pruning. Zone 9+ or container. This plant does not set seeds. Cuttings are easy to root, much like cactus.

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