Wild Wild Vegetables: Sea Asparagus Salicornia europaea

Utterly delicious and very hard to find, this generally unknown culinary plant of salty mudflats and the shoreline produces succulent tender shoots with a flavor reminiscent of asparagus, but a taste all of its own. It is nothing short of an absolute treat, especially served with seafood.

Also known as Mermaids Kiss, Glasswort, the wild marsh Samphire can be found in abundance in salt marshes and tidal mud flats on the British coast. Seeds came from salt marsh on the north Norfolk coast, England.

It can be eaten raw, or cooked - boiled or steamed for a couple of minutes, topped with melting butter and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.
Absolutely no salt is needed as they taste of the sea so are more than sufficiently salty. They are rich in Vitamins A, C and D, this plant is highly sought after in British upscale gourmet restaurants. 


Annual, in warmer climate perennial. Very high moisture needs; suitable for marsh bogs.

Info on the plant - 
Seeds (US):  Marsh Samphire Salicornia europae
Plants (UK): Samphire Plant

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