Heirloom Rats Tail Radish - Incredible

Rat Tail Radish. 

It sure sounds and looks weird but it tastes like regular radish. Great in hot climates
The aerial Rat Tail Radish came from Asia in the early 1800's. It was in vogue in the U.S. around the Civil War, but has been virtually unobtainable since.
Delicious, unusual, yet surprisingly versatile, the pods are produced by the dozen in great masses.

Unlike the more familiar radish, which is grown for it's roots, the rat's tail radish is harvested for it's crunchy pods. They resemble chillies, but taste like a young rooted crisp radish. Rat's tail radishes are quick to mature you can expect to harvest your crop within six weeks and pick all summer long.

Pick the seedpods when they are mild, crisp and about 6 inches long. Unlike other radishes, rat-tail thrives in summer heat will bear all summer long. Eat raw, stir fried, or pickled.

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Esther Montgomery said...

I had thought of growing this once. Perhaps it's better that I forgot if it needs a hot climate.

Ismail N said...

They really do look like chillies. Crunchy? That sounds delicious.