Chilean Bellflower Lapageria rosea Copihue

Off we go planting another "challenging" seed. The hugely sought after Chilean Bellflower.

Lapageria rosea, commonly called the Chilean bell flower or copihue, is a large flowering vine native to the rainforest of South America. Perhaps the most desirable of all cultivated vines, this impressive and “exotic” plant is the national flower of Chile, where it is known as “Copihue”.
The name Lapageria was given in honor of Emperess Joséphine Tassher de la Pagérie, Napoleon Bonaparte’s first wife.

In the wild Lapageria rosea is found only in a narrow patch of rainforest between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes Mountain Rage on the west coast of Chile. As the sole species in its genus, this healthy vine has beautiful bell shaped flowers of up to 4 inches hanging from the upper area of the leaf axils. The six petal flower flares out into a large bell shape with the three on the exterior smaller in size and the inner three a large size. The standard color is rose crimson but the colors of the cultivars offer a myriad palette including blush, red, white, pink and are mottled or laced. There is a waxy cuticle on the surface of the flowers in different levels of thickness. The alternating leaves on the vines are oval and have a high gloss. Needs frost protection.

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"Black" Tomatoes

The latest trend in vegetables are very high in anti-oxidants dark and purple or so called "Black" vegetables. 

The dark pigments responsible for the purplish tones are called anthocyanins, a type of phytonutrient, or plant compound, hailed for its potential disease-fighting benefits. Studies suggest anthocyanins may help reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and certain types of cancer. Some evidence indicates these purple pigments may protect our brain as we age.

Being the darkest of all black tomato's, Indigo Rose (derived from P20 line) has beautiful eye-catching hues of deep purple where sunshine hits to red/orange where a leaf or stem shields an area from the sun.
The saladette sized fruits are excellent in salads or snacking. Fruit is from tennis ball down to ping pong ball size, has a nice fruity flavor and is quite variable. When sliced it looks just like a plum with its deep red flesh.
Difficult to find, black skinned heritage/heirloom cherry tomato.

Delicious! The one-word description I use to describe the Black Cherry Tomato. Full of rich, sweet flavor for which black tomatoes are known, with the convenient size of the cherry tomato. Fruits are about 1 ½" in diameter, perfect round true cherry tomato shape, and deep red-black in color with tender skins and medium-thick walls. Large, vigorous, indeterminate 4-8' plants set forth a bountiful harvest of these unique gems. Great snack right off the vine, delicious in salads, pasta dishes, or roasted, can be dried, canned or frozen also.

You can find these type of seeds here: Rare and Unusual Vegetables


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