Stunning Dainty Anemonopsis

One of the Japanese aristocrats. Dainty and rare.

Native to the Japanese island of Honshu, Anemonopsis is frost hardy to zones 5-9. This hard-to-find woodlander forms clumps of cimicifuga-like foliage topped with nodding, waxy lilac flowers in late summer.

It flowers in late summer, with slender stems held above the foliage carrying delicate flowers with outer lilac sepals and inner violet petals forming a cup. Although not a small plant, as the flowering stems can reach up to 2', still has a sort of airy, dainty appearance among the others woodlanders.

Anemonopsis is self-fertile and an isolated plant will set modest amounts of seed. If sown in containers and exposed to winter chilling, germination will occur the next spring. Anemonopsis seed retains its viability in storage to a reasonable degree. Anemonopsis can also be propagated by division.

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