Ephedra Ma Huang Herb Ephedra Sinica

A new Challange.

Ephedra sinica - Ma Huang, an evergreen perennial herb that grows in some parts of China, is valued for its healing and stimulating properties for at least 5000 years. Related to junipers, it produces small cones from March to April. Reaches a mature size of about 3' tall and wide. Survives best in full sun, can handle drought, reflected heat, and cold down to 0 degrees F. Fine landscape plant or for making tea. In ancient China it was used for its medicinal qualities. Asthma, fever and colds were treated with Ma Huang. Since isolation of Ma Huang from several Ma Huang species, in the early 1920s, Ma Huang became a popular drug for the treatment of asthma.

The Drug Ephedra itself (ephedrine alkaloids or active ephedrine alkaloids) appears to be monitored or banned in some states and countries, however botanical seeds and plants are not included. You can find more information here: 
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