Tips for these hard to germinate seeds....

Starting seeds the traditional way usually includes a seed starting mix made up of equal parts of peat moss, vermiculite, and perlite. When mixed together with a little water, this mixture will hopefully support the growth of your new seeds. The risks are too much water, too little water and even seed rot if the soil is too wet. Here is how you can start to germinate seeds in more efficient manner.

Gelatin is the perfect medium to grow seeds, especially those difficult to start seedlings. Gelatin is made from animal bone and therefore has high level of nitrogen and other minerals. Add to that the sugar from the gelatin mix and water and you have a perfect place to grow those little seeds

You will need:
  • Seeds Gelatin mix (like jello)
  • Water Sterilized containers such as baby food jars or small yogurt containers
  • Sheet of clear plastic or piece of glass
  • Powdered cinnamon

Prepare your gelatin per package instructions. Pour at least 2 inches of liquid gelatin into sterilized containers Once the gelatin mix has cooled, push at least 3 seeds in each gelatin filled container.  Place your containers in a warm, sunny spot and cover with clear plastic or glass.

Be mindful of mold forming. If you see mold, just dust with a little powdered cinnamon to keep the mold in check.

Once your seedlings have sprouted and are about an inch or two tall, transplant them (with the gelatin) into the seed starting mix that is described above. The gelatin will continue to "feed" your seeds as they grow and you have less risk of injuring your new seedlings.

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Muhammad khabbab said...

Wow that is something i needed badly. Cinnamon i already use as fungicide to prevent damping off but gelatin is something new. Will try to find a source in my area though. Thanks for sharing this practical and useful tip.