It's Time for Some Color!!!

I just bought masses of seeds to get started on the spring. I am so ready!!!!!! Pink  is the first color of choice this time and off we go, planting our acquired seeds from the magnificent Pink Coral Vine

It's also called Queen's Wreath, Queen's Lace, Chain of Love, Chinese Love Vine

The Pink Coral Creeper is native to Tropical America. Not often seen, the rare coral creeper is a favorite for its showy flowers seen mostly in summer and fall. Makes a fabulous container plant in cooler areas.

Coral creeper climbs on tendrils and has interesting heart-shaped leaves. Plant in full sun in most any soil. Water to establish, prune to control. Best used to run up supports such as a tree or a trellis. According to the seller, it is a carefree plant to own.

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Giga said...

Ale śliczne pnącze, ale w polskim klimacie chyba by mu było trudno. Pozdrawiam

Garden Medusa said...

I am not sure what the polish climate zones are, but this might help:
It's cold tolerant down to about - 12 °C (10 °F) (USDA zones 8-10)