A Blue Brugmansia?

I found this rare flower at my favorite seed shop. Looks like a Brugmansia Angel Trumpet and found it research worthy. It's actually a relative of the Brugmansia. This beauty comes from from South America:

Description: Small shrub, generally to 3-6ft, sometimes to 10ft. Flowers are borne in clusters of up to 6-12 and sometimes more. Flowers grow to about 2-3", are cobalt blue in color and can remain on the branches for a while. Flowering may occur for much of the warmer months. There is a white type as well.

Hardiness: Hardy to 20-22F. Growing Environment: Grows best in filtered sun to full sun. Water moderately.
Propagation: By seeds.

Uses: Still a rare plant, it is cultivated as an ornamental and can be found in a few botanical gardens. Native Range: Native to Argentina.

What shocked me were the prices these seeds are being sold for. I've seen them for as much as $15-$30 per 10 seeds???? !eek, that nuts. I also found that the seeds have a good shelf live and are not highly perishable. So $7 for 20 seeds seems a good deal considering the rarity of this specimen. Found here.

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Aerelonian said...

Very interesting. I wasn't aware there was a blue variety.

MaryDeshon said...

Yet another great garden suggestion. Thanks!!!

MaryDeshon said...

by the way...your center of the web seed supplier is superb. First stevia seed success!!!!