Exotic acquaintance - a stunning Reptile

Look what we found on our weekly trip to our favorite Garden Center.

Definitely not somebody local. Ronnie managed to get a real good shot with his new camera.

What is it?

We're guessing it's a Red Neck Lizard, no pun intended. We are in Texas after all..... This one looks different. We are not reptile experts. Surely a stunning specimen.
Please drop us a line if you know what it is.

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Anonymous said...

Hey there. That guy is a Brown Anole. He must have hitched a ride from south Florida. We have tons of them here. He may have liked the ride but I don't think he is going to enjoy your winter weather. He may wind up as an Anole Popsicle.

Rob K.

Claudia said...

Thank you Rob!!! We didn't get to keep him but hope he survives in a cozy hole somewhere.

R! said...

Crazy catch. Never saw nuthin' like that in the great state of Texas before. Somehow I might not have been surprised in Big Bend or some place else, but south Texas?!

Claudia said...

No kidding! This garden center sells allot of tropical plants. We'll be sure to scan for other unusual life forms from here on out.