Terrestrial Bromeliads

I've finally bought seeds of the Puya Alpestris. No, they havn't arrived yet!
(pictures are borrowed from various botanical garden sites)
This Giant Bromeliad has a caudexes like stem bearing a dense rosette of narrow , spiny Variegated leaves Shiny Light Gray Green and recurving 2 to 3 inches wide . Silvery Gray beneath. Pyramidal flower spikes over 3 ft long of funnel shaped Metallic Blue flowers and Orange anthers
. Hardy in zones 9 -10.
An indoor plant in all but the most mild wintered areas . Planted out doors it should be in full sun and protect from excessive w
inter moisture. Grow indoors as a fantastic Bromeliad specimen. A good cactus mix for soil works well , place in an area that has full sunlight.

Here are some other varieties:

Puya Mirabilis
Puya Alpestries

Puya Berteroniana
Puya Venusta
Puya Santosii

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kels said...

Those photos don't look real, where are those growing?!

Can I find these in Hawaii?! What are their names, are they the Puya species?
Thanks. Kels

Claudia said...

Unfortunately you'll have to do some massive online research in order to find out who has any available. They are incredibly rare. At times you can find someone selling them on ebay (I found seeds there), sometimes you get lucky and find an online store that sells for a short time

kels said...

Thanks for that. I figured it was from some dream, so they must be far away, australia , new zealand,

Take Care.