Salpiglossis Sinuata

Also - Stained Glass, Painted tongue. This plant is extremely hard to find and as well as beautiful. I am on the hunt for seeds.

This Chilean Native plant has its natural habitat at the foot slopes of the Andes Mountains and is sometimes found at the coastal cordillera, in full sun exposures and well drained soil.
In our zone 9b it is an herbaceous perennial, reaching 50 to 80 cm height (20 to 31") and a diameter of 30 cm (1'). They bloom during spring, producing white, red, blue, yellow (and all colors in between) 5 cm large flowers, with very contrasting veins of a different color.
Salpiglossis is very easy to cultivate, is a fast grower and blooms the first year from seeds. A good choice for new gardeners.
Propagation: sow directly in nutrient rich soil (compost/regular garden soil rate 2:1) in early spring and pick once the plantils have two real leaves. Deadhead if you want a long blooming time.

Salpiglossis requires staking or the support of other plants.

Edited: Sept 3rd, 2008
Here is a Place I found them to be sold

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Marlena said...

Im growing them @ the moment, do you know if you can eat the flower?

Can just buy seeds in the hardware shop... depending on where you live I guess. is my email

Claudia said...

Thanks for your response. I did actually find a place online that sells them. I have no knowledge of whether they are consumables. Definitely worth researching, will keep you posted.