Herald's Trumpet

Stumbled across this lovely plant, Oh how can anyone not want one!!!! Extreemly rare to find of course, especially a plant. I will have to settle for seeds then. Thankfully this one grows upward. We will be running out of space eventually...Sky Scraper style planting for limited space, heh heh. Yeah I always thought the square foot garden idea was nuts too.

An interesting rare perfumed plant is Herald's Trumpet (Beaumontia grandiflora) which has wonderful large white flowers with a sweet tropical perfume. It is a vigorous woody climber which is native to the region from India to Vietnam and belongs to the same plant family (Apocynaceae) as Oleanders, Frangipanis and Mandevillas which typically bleed a white milky sap from cut stems.
Plant details

Botanic name: Beaumontia grandiflora
Climate: Will grow best in zones 9-11. It prefers sub-tropical and tropical conditions to thrive and can look miserable in areas where temperatures fall below 10°C.
Herald's Trumpet is technically a climber but is normally grown as a shrub to 2-3m (6-10') tall with dark glossy green leaves that are deeply veined. The large white flowers have a rich tropical scent and flowers through the warmer periods of the year, spring and summer.

Good points:

  • Strongly perfumed plant for the garden
  • Attractive foliage during cooler months of the year as well as large white flowers through spring and summer
  • Twining growth habit that needs support and can be grown as a shrub
  • Could be grown in other areas of Australia in a warm micro-climate

Bad points:
  • It is quite a rare plant which may be difficult to find

  • Unusual specimen plant in the garden
  • As a climber against a fence
  • Perfumed plant for a summer garden

  • Full sun
  • Well-drained soil

Protect from frost, particularly when young

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