Bauhinia - Orchid tree

The Orchid Tree is native in India and China and is related to the Redbud tree, Jerusalem-Thorn tree and beans. It grows in both South and Central Florida to about 25 feet. It is a deciduous tree with medium green leaves shaped like the footprint of an ox or cow.

The flowers look somewhat like an orchid and are about 3-4 inches across. They may be in colors like red, purple, lavender, yellow or white. Depending on variety, bauhinias flower in winter, spring or summer and many of the 300 species are also shrubs. Should be planted in full sun with enriched soil and good drainage.

They're easy after being established, but often foliage is poor. This tree requires proper feeding to have nice leaves.
Of course I'd like to grow this plant too! Once I am done with all the others. Zone 9-10 - perfect!

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