Buddha Belly Plant

Jatropha podagrica or also Australian bottle plant
Another one of my favorite caudiform or fat Plants. I've received 6 seeds in a seed swap and look how nice they have developed in the last year. Of course I have only 3 left because the others all became christmas gifts. The larger plant came from a local nursery for just $10 in the end of year 70% off sale. What a lucky strike!

Origin: Tropical AmericaJatropha is a genus of approximately 175 succulents, shrubs and trees (some are deciduous, like Jatropha curcas L.), from the family Euphorbiaceae. Plants from the genus natively occur in Africa, North America, and the Caribbean.
Originating in the Caribbean, the jatropha was spread as a valuable hedge plant to Africa and Asia by Portuguese traders. Currently the tree is widely used for getting biodiesel in India, and is being promoted as a very easy to grow biofuel crop in hundreds of projects throughout India and the third world. The rail line between Mumbai and Delhi is planted with Jatropha and the train itself runs on 15-20% biodiesel. The mature small trees bear male and female inflorescence, and do not grow very tall.

Jatropha podagrica, was used to tan leather and produce a red dye in Mexico and the Southwestern United States.

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Anonymous said...

I have one of these and would love to use the seeds I get this year to grow more. Can you tell me how to grow from the seeds? I would really appreciate it! My email is:

Thanks so much!!!

Claudia said...

Mature seeds can be planted in zip lock bags filled with a mixture of top soil, sand and well-decayed organic manure or compost at 60-65F/15-18C. I leave them on the window seal till they are ready to be planted. When it starts to get it's first real set of leaves, I take it out of the bag and put it in a 3" pot. They don't require much water once they start to grow. The larger the pot, the bigger the plant will get.
The plants can be planted in the ground after four months.

Sending you an email. Thanks for your interest :)

Anonymous said...

I'm interested in buying or trading for your Jatropha plants :) Dawn Dalyce (the crazy plant lady) I'm a member of the Garden Buddies Forum and saw your post there. Dawn 209-668-0474 , I have lots of plants, many cactus, agaves, succulents etc :) You're welcome to visit my 14 acre farm. :) Stevinson, CA.

Anonymous said...

I've planted à jatropha podagrica trunk (no roots, no leaves) in à gritty soil mix about 12 weeks ago. Keep it moist in my window soil. No sign of life yet though caudex looks greenish. Do you have any help for me to wake it up?

Erik said...

Looking for Jatropha podagrica cv. Yellow Flowers or
Jatropha podagrica sp. Tanzania. It looks exactly like the regular Jatropha podagrica but has beautiful yellow flowers. If anyone knows where I can get seeds or a plant I would really appreciate it. Been looking for over 5 years now.