Pendulous Tropical Conifer Podocarpus

Podocarpus henkelii (Henkel's yellowwood) is a South African species of conifer in the Podocarpaceae family. It is grown as an ornamental specimen in gardens for its strikingly neat, attractive form and its elegant, drooping foliage. It is a protected tree in South Africa and officially South Africa's national tree.
An attractive ornamental tree, this is one of the most recognizable of the yellowwoods. It can easily be distinguished from its
close relatives by its long, slender, 7" drooping leaves. It has a straight, well-formed trunk and naturally assumes a pyramid-shape as it grows, eventually becoming very tall. It is highly recommended in the exterior landscape yet may become a stunning indoor specimen when kept pruned to size. 

It is fairly easy to cultivate, tough once established, and incredibly long-lived. It can also be pruned if necessary, to change its shape. However, although it is mildly frost and drought resistant, it is healthiest (and grows fastest) when planted in deep, moist soils. Zones 9-11. Bonsai suitable.
Seeds should be planted promptly in a moist, semi-shade position. The fleshy fruit that surrounds the seed must be removed as this inhibits germination. 

Other Names: African conifer, Henkel-se-Geelhout, Umsonti  

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