Black Heirloom Juicing Corn from Peru - Morado Corn

This is an absolutely beautiful dark dark purple corn. 

Also known as Kculli this ancient type of corn is particularly known in Peru and parts of South America and one of the oldest corn in the world, and a staple food of many societies since prehistoric times. Purple Corn bears well-sized ears with large kernels that ripen to a deep purple-black color. 
People of the Andes make a refreshing drink sweetened with fruit, sugar or honey from the purple corn called "chicha morada" which is now recognized as a nutritive powerhouse due to its phenolic and anthocyanins content. The Anthocyanins are a type of complex flavonoid that produce the blue, purple or red colors of the corn. Phenolics are known to have many bioactive and functional properties. Purple Corn has higher C3G antioxidant capacity and antiradical kinetics than blueberries.

Also highly desirable for corn meal and corn pudding as well as a natural fabric and hair dye and cosmetics.  Start indoors as this corn requires a long growing season 100-120 days.  

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