The Killarney Strawberry Tree

Isn't this lovely!

The strawberry tree is native to Ireland, southern Europe and the western Mediterranean region (Turkey, Greece, Lebanon) where it grows in rocky, well-drained soils.
The small white or pinkish blueberry-like flowers are assembled in drooping panicles about 2" (5cm) long. The spherical bright red fruits are warty and about 3/4" (2cm) in diameter. They take a year to ripen, and both flowers and fruits can be present at the same time.

Strawberry tree is 8 to 20+ ft (2.5m to 6m+) tall and wide. Full sun or partial shade (essential in desert areas). Makes a striking display as a specimen shrub. Great for Bonsai.

The bark of strawberry tree has been used in tanning leather. The fruit is edible. The fruits are prepared as jams, jellies, syrups, candied fruit, distilled and fermented drinks, such as wines (
Medronho) and liqueurs. Produces a rare, highly-esteemed honey in Sardinia.
Strawberry tree is tolerant of acidic to alkaline soils. Zones 8-11. Seeds found here

It's a challenge. Very finicky to grow, but well worth it! 

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