Carnivorous Spoon Sundew

Species of the Drosera spatulata group are found from New Zealand, Tasmania, and Australia.
Drosera tokaiensis is beautiful, small rosette-forming carnivorous plant species having spoon-like leaves up to 1 inch long. It is one of the easiest carnivorous plants to grow and care. As a natural hybrid between D. spatulata and D. rotundifolia it has the best genes for adaptation to new environments. It is a free-flowering and fascinating house plant that may bloom after short 8 months after sowing. The plant lives 3 years or more, producing seedlings during the way!
The leaves are densely covered with stalked tentacles that secrete sticky mucilage with enzymes to attract and catch inserts. The tentacles are very sensitive and mobile. Once an insect is trapped on a leaf, its movements contact triggers a curling reaction. The leaf wraps around the insect and produces more digestive glands in contact with its prey, eventually digesting and absorbing the victim's nutrients until only the external skeleton remains.
This is a subtropical species, suitable zone 10+ or as a houseplant. Seeds found....

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