Orange Jewelweed Spooted Impatiens

Jewelweed (Impatiens capensis) is a hardy annual wildflower that grows in moist or wet area, often by lakes or streams. 

The tubular flowers are orange or yellow-orange speckled with red, the leaves are deep green. 

The long seed pods that appear after flowering will explode when touched, scattering the seeds. Plant in full sun to full shade in moist or wet humus rich soil. 

It will not grow well in dry soil. Seeds may be planted in spring or fall. Grows quickly. Self sows. Grows to a height of 1-5ft and will spread to 18 - 24 inches.

Jewelweed is often used in aiding the discomfort of poison ivy and insect bites. The juice present in the stems and leaves will alleviate the itching and rash of poison ivy in some people. 
Fresh leaves and stems may be crushed and applied to the area. The leaves and stems can also be simmered in a small amount of water and frozen for use at a later time.

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