Pitaya - Dragon Fruit

I've recently acquired a 10 inch cutting that already developed a small offshoot. The seeds also germinated nicely. This is exiting, I just hope it grows as fast as they say!
Pitaya Hylocereus undatus, also referred to as Dragon Fruit, this is one of the first known species of Hylocereus. Native to Jamaica and Cuba. It grows in thickets, on rocks, or in old large trees. Pitayas are tropical plants and are grown from 0 and 1800 meters of altitude.

The Pitaya has an ovoid shape, and a thick yellow skin with excrescences and bulges that end with spine. inside there's a great mass of dense translucent white flesh that contains a multitude of small edible black seeds that can be scooped out in neat easy spoonfuls giving off a pleasant fruity smell.

The flavor is a little like a melon, with a multitude of crunchy seeds, which don't get in the way or alter the taste but do have a tendency to explode nicely when chewed.
At times they are available in the local grocery stores but are incredibly expensive. $6 for ONE!

Pitayas are also referred to as fruit of the shipwrecked man of the desert because of its refreshing properties. It is preferable to consume after keeping it in the fridge as that permits the flavors to heighten resulting in an even more refreshing character. To eat Pitayas cut them in half and eat the flesh with a spoon. They can also be made into juice and enjoyed as a cool drink. A syrup made of the whole fruit is used to color pastries and candy.

Fresh Seeds available here

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Esther Montgomery said...

We tried some once but, although they were fascinating to see, they didn't have much flavour so we never sought them out again.

Now I've seen a picture of the tree - I'm re-fascinated. What an extraordinary looking thing!

HolleyGarden said...

I hope your cutting does well! I've seen the fruit in the store, but never tried them. Thanks for the additional information about them.

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

I love dragon fruits, but have not grown any yet.

The Shroom said...

Hey hey! I have nominated you as a Versatile Blogger! So come and collect your Versatile Blogger Award at Roots and Shoots: :)