Brodé Galeux d'Eysines Squash

Yikes!  Talk about an ugly pumpkin. Perfect for Halloween!

Brodé Galeux d'Eysines  is a French Heirloom Winter Squash, not really a pumpkin, however it can be carved like one. It is a hard to find Farmers Market Vegetable.

The silver sheened salmon-pink skin develops peanut like nodes as the sugar content builds in the ripening process. The more bumps, the greater the sugar content.

The bright orange flesh is nutty, sweet, firm, and without fibrous strings making it perfect for pies, steaming, baking, soups and more. Fruits grow to 10-20 lbs in size and keeps well.

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Andrew Ablenas said...

That thing is amazing!

Giga said...

Jak popatrzyłam na zdjęcie to pomyślałam, że to jakoś ozdobiona dynia :-), i się pomyliłam. Pozdrawiam

Garden Medusa said...

Thanks for the comment Andrew, it certainly is freakish looking.Ha!

Gia, To oczywiście wygląda jak ozdabiany *pumpkin*. Dziękują za komentarz