A Black Flowering Vine

Another unusual beauty.

Also known as  Black Coral or Tiger Snake Vine / Kennedia Nigricans

This is a beautiful flowering vine from Australia. It has very striking flowers due to the combination of colors. Deep maroon petals shade to almost pure black, with a striking contrast of a yellow lip. A short lived perennial, it is nonetheless easy from seed and will set a profusion of seed if allowed.

It will grow to be a scrambling climber with stems of up to 30 Ft. In the absence of any support the stems will scramble making a useful ground cover. It can also be used very effectively in hanging baskets. It produces a profusion of flowers all through the summer. Hardy to Zone 8/9 and tolerant of a wide range of growing conditions. It will withstand moderate frost.

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Stephanie said...

Very fascintating! I have not seen or read of this black coral vine before. Thanks for sharing Garden Medusa :-D Have a wonderful weekend!