Sturts Desert Pea Swainsona formosa

Another unusual, it never ends!!!

Clianthus formosus or Swainsona formosa Native Australian wildflower.
Incredibly beautiful plant with scarlet and black flowers reminiscent of exotic birds. Does best in dry conditions.

With dazzling crimson and black flowers having the ' appearance of a lobster claw, Clianthus will happily create a dense carpet of glaucous, ferny foliage from which these exciting flowers will appear. Easily grown, and surviving the poorest of soils and the sunniest of positions, just like in its homeland of Australia.

Seeds available here

Optimum Germination Temperature: 65-70F. Sowing Depth: ¼in. Sowing Time: April to May. Best sown where it is to flower, it prefers a warm, sunny, sheltered spot and very deeply dug, dry, sandy soil. Before sowing, soak the seed for 24 hours, then sow ¼in deep and protect from excess wet by placing a cloche or sheet of glass on 4 bricks over the area.
Sow in place, resents transplanting. Excellent specimens can be grown as conservatory plants. Half-hardy annual, 6-12" tall.

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Giga said...

Te kwiaty są niesamowite. Pozdrawiam

Ian said...

They look like little imps, haha.

Esther Montgomery said...

I didn't know such plants exist.


Unknown said...

Are the peas edible?