Edible Dead Man's Fingers

Sounds gross doesn't? But really isn't. The strange fruit is also named Decaisnea fargesii, Bluebean, Blue Sausage and Blue Cucumber and is really a site to behold.

This is a shrub that is definitely different. From China, it is a deciduous shrub forming clumps of tall, upright shoots with large, pinnate leaves, themselves ornamental, up to 3 ft. in length. The somewhat unusual flowers too are attractive, yellow-green in colour and appear in early summer in drooping racemes up to 18 ins. in length. However, the main reason for growing this plant is for its quite remarkable seed pods. An eye-catching, fruiting shrub with an exotic appearance! Great for juicing.

Decaisnea fargesii is self-fertile, but will produce more fruit if planted in small groups (2 or 3 plants).


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Aaerelon said...

What a great fruit! I wish it was hardy here...

Garden Medusa said...

Have you ever tasted one? I am curious to know what it would taste like?

c said...

Maybe they taste like fresh lychees nuts, of course not the pod itself, but the inside fruit.