Abrus precatorius Rosary Pea

 Known commonly as Jequirity, Crab's Eye, Rosary Pea, 'John Crow' Bead, Precatory bean, Hung Tou.

The Rosary pea is a small, high climbing vine with alternately compound leaves, 2-5 inches long, with 5 to 15 pairs of oblong leaflets. The flowers are pale violet to pink, clustered in leaf axils. The pod is oblong, flat and truncate shaped, roughly 1½ - 2 inches long. This seedpod curls back when it opens, revealing the seeds. The striking seeds are small, brilliant red with a black spot and are used for jewelry and in percussion instruments.
Propagation: This plant species is propagated through seeds and very easy to grow.
Zone: 9 (10 to 20°F, down to about -6°C)
Note: The seeds are toxic if digested and care should be used when drilling.

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