Vertical Gardens

Lately I've been getting fascinated by vertical gardens and discovered during research the artist Partick Blanc. This is a direct quote from the wikipedia:

Patrick Blanc (born June 3, 1953 in Paris) is a botanist, working at the French National Centre for Scientific Research, where he specializes in plants from subtropical forests. He invented the concept of a vertical garden:

“ On a load-bearing wall or structure is placed a metal frame that supports a PVC plate 10 millimetres (0.39 in) thick, on which are stapled two layers of polyamide felt each 3 millimetres (0.12 in) thick. These layers mimic cliff-growing mosses and are support the roots of many plants. A network of pipes controlled by valves provides a nutrient solution containing dissolved minerals needed for plant growth. The felt is soaked by capillary action with this nutrient solution, which flows down the wall by gravity. The roots of the plants take up the nutrients they need, and excess water is collected at the bottom of the wall by a gutter before being re-injected into the network of pipes: the system works in a closed circuit. Plants are chosen for their ability to grow on this type of environment and depending on available light.”

Amazing how Patrick grew this organic wallpaper inside a private home. I don't quite have the courage and confidence to start one because I know way too little about it. But this stuff is great enough to be posted and shown off on my humble blog :)

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Lushe said...

Vertical gardens look fantastic when done well.