Unusual Ceropegia

Another unusual beauty I am contemplating on growing - well, that if I can locate it. This might even be growing in my area. What a perfect little gift this would make!

Ceropegia ampliata - Bushman's Pipe

eropegia ampliata is from southern Africa; it’s called horny wonder or bushman’s pipe. Nearly leafless rambling stems produce 3-inch inflated balloon like flowers. The thick, twining, succulent stems make this plant well-suited to hanging basket culture or trellising. This plant needs at least 4 hours of direct sunlight per day and can withstand a fair amount of drought.

There are several varieties it seems, one pictured below...

Ceropegia sa
ndersonii - Parachute plant, Umbrella Plant

Umbrella plant is also from southern Africa and belongs to the family Asclepiadaceae, and so is it closely related to the milkweed varieties that are grown as butterfly plants in gardens throughout the United States. It likes full, but not hot, sun and the potting medium should be kept moderately moist during the growing period. It doesn’t like wet feet, so allow it to dry slightly between watering. It is extremely sensitive to Malathion.

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