Texas Olive Tree

This weekend we're going to plant a Texas Olive tree. The 3 ft plant we bought last year on a nursery plant special, survived the winter stay in the garage and is now with 5 ft in height, ready to be put in the ground. This heavy bloomer is a Hummingbird magnet. One of my plant friends has seen as many as 5 hummingbirds at once and that is very exciting news :)

Common name: Texas Olive, Wild Olive, Anacahuita, White Geiger
Botanical name: Cordia boissieri Family: Boraginaceae (Forget-me-not family)

Texas Olive is an evergreen tree, growing to 20 ft tall, native to North America. The tree spread to 10-15 ft. This small tree is very rare found and believed to be close to extinction.
The silvery green leaves have a velvety texture and the showy, white flowers appear all year round, given enough watering is available. Otherwise, the flowers appear from late spring to summer. Flowers are 3 inch wide, trumpet shaped, with yellow throats. The olive-like, white fruits have a sweet flesh popular with birds and other wildlife and, although edible to man, should not be eaten in quantities.

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