WANTED: Daun Pandan - Bai Toey

Someone somewhere posted something about this plant and after some research I found out that this is an incredible herb used in asian deserts and other dishes and I decided to buy one to try it out. I prefer fresh over frozen or dried herbs or vegies.

Well, guess what, it's nowhere to be found and I am now on a mission to grow this or at least try. Other people must be wanting fresh leafes too!!!

Pandanus odorus. This species is often referred to as daun pandan and grows 1-2 metres tall with lush-green, smooth-edged, blade leaves to 50cm long. The main stem is supported by numerous aerial roots.The leaf is ubiquitious in Southeast Asian cooking, especially in desserts. Pandan is used in curries and meat dishes, wrapped around chicken and fried, used to perfume rice and to flavor cakes, ice creams and popsicles. Light green pandan cakes are a popular dessert in Malaysia and Indonesia, similar to a chiffon cake. Pandan leaves are also woven into baskets baskets, which can be used for serving food. Pandan is not readily available in the U.S., which is why it's rarely seen on menus, but can sometimes be found frozen in Asian markets.
Be so kind and give me a live plant source here in the US, if you have one. Thanks!!

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Anonymous said...

I am in Indonesia, you tell me how I can get it there I will send you as much as you want

Wife and Mom said...

Excellent! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi, was doing a search for Pandan and called a nursery that told me they have the plant. The address is: 4809 Breen, Houston, TX 77086. Tel: 281-448-6107.

I live in Houston, Clear Lake, so will try to find time to go there soon.