Trumpets, Trumpets, Trumpets

This is my new garden project for 2009 - To have Angel Trumpets of all sorts of colors, all over the garden. Specifically trained or pruned small trees. Even though I already have pink, white, salmon, yellow and a variegated, I am still looking for shades of yellow and white, maybe double or shredded. My most desired cultivar is the double orange "Herrenhauser Garten" brugs pictured below of which I hope to get my hands on. A shrub with 12 inch double ruffled trumpets dangling show stopper. Rated extremely rare and challenging to grow. Whats time and patience for, right?

Price for the pinks, whites, yellow Brugmansia plants are aprox $10 per plant or cutting, but depending on the breed can be as much as $35. I found this to be the least expensive source.

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Anonymous said...

Your Angel Trumpet is incredible! I've just started seedlings (yesterday, actually) and I hope mine will grow to big as big and beautiful as yours!